ACT Access Control Equipment at company based in Luton Airport

International consultants and installers ICTSUKare securing major hangars atLondonLutonAirportfor a flight support service provider responsible for 20,000 annual air traffic movements at the site.

The company has used networkable entry controllers from Dublin-based Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd. These units are working alongside biometric technology to discriminate between legitimate and unauthorised visitors, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff as well as protecting aircraft and infrastructure.

When networked to a PC, the ACTpro access system selected for this site can accommodate up to 2,000 doors and 30,000 users. At this airport application there is simple deployment of the controllers on an ‘airlock’ or holding area between pairs of doors which cannot be opened simultaneously except in emergencies. Visitors are collected and escorted by flight support staff and the practice of ‘tailgating’ is eliminated by use of surveillance cameras.

ICTSUKspecified and implemented the ACT equipment when a legacy installation proved unsuitable. The door controllers are complementing an Ingersoll Rand palm print reader. Staff who wish to proceed ‘airside’ are required to identify themselves to an entry panel camera as well as presenting an access control card to the reader.

The measures taken not only prevent unauthorised entry into controlled areas by staff or intruders, but also ensure that legitimate visitors (including significant numbers of VIP travellers) can progress smoothly through the site. The ACT units used at the airport are gaining widespread endorsement due to their reliability and compatibility with most third-party readers. 

Martin Gould of ICTS UK said: “One of the many merits of the ACT equipment is that we didn’t have to run any cable since the controllers work from the facility’s LAN cabling and ‘piggyback’ on existing conduit. This not only reduces engineering disruption to the airport’s core activity but is ‘green’ in terms of minimising material usage. We now have a system that is completely IP-addressable.”

LondonLutonAirportis notable for a distinctive aluminium and glass terminal inspired by world-renowned architects Foster and Partners. The airport serves as a hub for Thomson Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet and Monarch Airlines, being a major maintenance base for the latter two carriers. Luton isLondon's fourth airport and the fifth busiest in theUK.