Access Control in the Corporate Sector

The private business sector has particular security priorities

  • Smooth entry for legitimate visitors within a rigorous screening process
  • Fast and accurate checking that everyone is out after a fire alarm evacuation
  • Access cards with customised information about the holder
  • Integration with existing third party products such as intruder alarms, CCTV, and biometric readers
  • Double-door entry systems for high security areas
  • Requirement for two people to be present to enter certain areas
  • Confidentiality of user rights in buildings with different company tenants

ACT solutions for business users

  • Automatic muster report - printed automatically after fire alarm. At muster point, staff present their card or are crossed off list.
  • Customised cards - personalise design and add custom fields for picture, ID, car registration, validity period, etc.
  • Open system integration - ACT's IP-enbled products link to many third party products. For instance, ACT cards be used by spcified holders to disarm an intruder alarm and enter a building after hours.
  • Interlock door function - ACT allows clients to create an "air-lock" space, where the second door will not open until the first one is closed. This is vital in high security areas and for clean rooms where air pressure must be maintained.
  • Dual entry function - ACT software can easily be set to require two authorised people to be present before a particular door will open. 
  • Multi-tenant functionality - ACT's partitioned access control system allows each tenant separate access to only their own employees and part of the building.


  • Corporate office buildings and headquarters
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Commercial buildings
  • Accountancy and law firms
  • Science and business parks
  • Small and medium sized businesses


Case studies

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