Corporate Culture

ACT’s corporate culture ensures total engagement of both customer and employee.


The principle of “ACTing for the installer” underpins our customer engagement philosophy. With this in mind, our products are built to satisfy the needs of our customers and aim to exceed their expectations in terms of quality and functionality.


Employee engagement is at the heart of ACT’s corporate culture. Recognising employees as our most important asset, ACT has an established principle of only employing the best in class for each functional area within the business. Our employees engage in fact gathering, analyses and problem solving to improve the institutional knowledge within the company. This knowledge is then utilised to improve company performance and support the strategic objectives of the company.

All employees are encouraged to further their education; ensuring both self-advancement and a well educated workforce with an ethos of learning and knowledge sharing. ACT supports employee’s education financially to post graduate level and makes adequate time available at no cost to the employees themselves. The company directors believe this approach has helped to develop the loyal and dedicated team ACT prides itself on.

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