Access Control in the Domestic Sector

House and apartment owners have a variety of security concerns

  • Different entry rights for residents, visitors, delivery services, contractors and tradespeople
  • Different entry rules for perimiter gates, common building entrances and doors to individual residences
  • Vehicular and pedestrian access rights and time-of-day rules
  • Minimum disruption during installation
  • Access control products should look good and fit with the architectural aesthetics

 ACT solutions for the residential sector

  • Simple, stylish entry systems - digital keypads and door intercom units designed for domestic use
  • Keyless systems - pincode access at  external gates, entrances and keeper’s lodges
  • Multi-level access rights - pin codes can be set to allow access only at limited times and dates and to certain doors or gates. Keep control over contractors, delivery people and others with limited rights.
  • Mounting flexibility - suitable for people with impaired mobility; complies with Disability Discrimination Acts or equivalent legistation 
  • Combined intercom and keypad - attractive units for low visual impact and easy installation


  • Apartment buildings
  • Private houses
  • Garages and home offices
  • Residential complexes with perimeter gates

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