Schools and Universities

Access Control for Schools & Universities

Using ACTpro access control, you can have the following:

  • Protection for Students and Staff
  • Muster / Fire list for evacuations
  • Integration with vending, printing, e-cash and other 3rd party systems
  • Populate access card rights with student and staff databases
  • Classroon e-registration for attendance records
  • Campus accomodation access control
  • Total shutdown by zone in the event of an intrusion
  • Vandal-proof equipment


Visitor Management for Schools

  • Control and easily record visitors to the school or university using the ACTvisitor visitor management system
  • Allowing you professional emails with health ans safety notices
  • Text message reminders to visitors and hosts
  • Self-check in screens using any tablet or touchscreen computer
  • Easily searchable records
  • Muster / Fire list of visitors
  • Works on tablets, phones and desktop computers 

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