Access Control in the Industrial Sector

Manufacturing and engineering plants pose special security, safety and efficiency challenges

  • Contamination risk, hazardous or toxic materials
  • Extensive perimeters and floor spaces
  • Clean room integrity
  • High security areas - high value items, intellectual property assets or dangerous processes
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Controlling high-value, easily transported items
  • Integrating time and attendance records with access control systems

ACT solutions for the industrial sector

  • Robust readers - IP67 certification guarantees performance in hazardous environments
  • Installation efficiency - IP addressable readers plug into the nearest network point, avoiding long cable runs and engineering disruption
  • User groups - ACT software makes it easy to set up a hierarch of access privileges
  • Door interlock function - protect high-security areas with an "airlock" entry space where only one of two doors can be open at any one time
  • Dual-entry facility - require two individuals to be present at the same time to open a high-security door or be inside a high-security space
  • Random challenge command - avoid any hint of descrimination with random selection for search for high-value, easily transportable goods
  • Anti-passback controls - prevent access by unauthorised re-use of a valid card passed back to a colleague or stranger. Helps compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Failsafe mustering procedures - be sure that evacuation is complete and that everyone on the premises is accounted for.
  • Integrated attendance recording - ACT provides a time and attendance module within its access control solution. Alternatively, ACT's open protocol alllows HR to use access control data in its own systems, whether internal or third party.


  • Chemical plants
  • Engineering works
  • General industrial facilities
  • Electronics fabrication
  • Assembly and test buildings

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