Leisure & Recreation

Access Control in the Leisure and Recreation Sector

Sports and entertainment facilities need privacy, protection and control

  • Protect visitors
  • Safeguard staff
  • Privacy for athletes and celebrities
  • Segregate corporate and sponsorship areas
  • Regulate access to locker rooms and match officials
  • Monitor press activity
  • Prevent "tailgating" and card passback
  • Compare people entering with their picture on the database
  • Separate permissions for annual and day members
  • Efficient vending in restaurants, bars and club shop

ACT solutions for the leisure sector

  • Visitor coding - different codes for day visitors and annual members makes it easy to control pay-and-play business
  • Area control - ACTenterprise makes it easy to set up a hierarchy of access rights to control who can enter particular locations
  • Time control - access can be limited to certain times of the day, certain days of the week and can have an expiry date
  • Identity checking - ACTenterprise's challenge function randomly selects entrants for checking against the picture on the database to deter "borrowed" cards
  • Cashless vending - with ACT's MIFARE smart cards in the bar, food area or club shop


  • Golf and country clubs
  • Theatres
  • Sports stadia
  • Convention and conference centres
  • Health clubs, spas, gymnasia

Case studies 

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