Lord's Cricket Ground use ACTpro

Lord's Cricket Ground upgrade access control to ACTpro solution

In Brief...

Lord's Cricket Ground upgraded their access control solution to ACTpro IP door controllers that are used in conjunction with ACTpro MIFARE readers.  This upgrade allowed Lord's to consolidate the multiple cards held by employees into one, obtain effective audit trail reports and utilise existing cabling reducing costs and engineering disruption during install.   

Now for all the details...

ICTS UK upgrade the access control at Lord's Cricket Ground

International consultants and installers ICTS UK are securing the most famous cricket venue in the world, Lord’s in St John’s Wood, London.

Lord’s, which is owned by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), stages two Test matches annually.  In addition to its premier position within cricket, Lord’s staged the archery competitions at the 2012 Olympics.  

ACTpro MIFARE cards eliminate multiple cards per employee

ICTS has installed networkable entry controllers from ACT. These units are in place at 24 doors across the site using ACTpro door controllers in conjunction with ACTpro MIFARE 1040 readers. The controllers are linked to the venue’s LAN so as to provide a site-wide solution, while the MAFARE readers have allowed programming of cards for members of the MCC staff on to the system using ACTWin pro software.

Prior to the upgrade, the venue was using various access control systems which necessitated the issue of multiple cards to employees who had to remember which fob worked with which system. The complexity of the solutions meant that it was difficult to conduct effective audit trails.

In keeping with its commitment to providing world-class facilities throughout the venue, MCC decided to rationalise access control and ICTS were awarded the contract as a result of their impressive track record securing major sporting arenas.

IP addressable ACTpro access control solution minimises disruption

It was vital that there should be minimal disruption to core activities at Lord’s and the ACTpro access control solution was selected for its built-in TCP/IP connectivity. The pavilion with its world-famous Long Room is Grade II-listed and it was therefore significant that the ACT equipment was IP-addressable, meaning that the controllers could ‘piggyback’ on existing conduit. This not only reduced engineering disruption but proved a ‘green’ approach in terms of minimising material usage. The new solution provides instant reports and information on the location of individuals around the venue as well as multiple control from a site-wide IT system.