ACT enterprise Advanced Features

Published by James McAlister on Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Important ACTenterprise Access Control Software Features that you need to be aware of:


1.    Import Utility

The ACT Enterprise User Import tool is an optional module that automates the importing of user data from a standard CSV file into ACTenterprise. User photos can also be imported.

The User Import Tool can automate data synchronising from external databases such as HR databases, Active Directories (AD or LDAP) and many more.

The ability to import user data from an external CSV file helps save on time, risks and resources involved in manual data entry.

For more information view datasheet here


2.   Muster Report (Email & Auto Print Functionality)

ACTenterprise provides an accurate muster report of all cardholders on site during an emergency.

The muster report can be setup to automatically print to designated printers or to email up to 5 employees with the list that they can access from their phone or tablet.


3.   Email Notification of Alerts

The Email Notification tool will send you an email if there is an alert such as a door forced, door ajar, controller offline, tamper open, fuse, battery, voltage or power issues.

This can be useful for facilities managers to know which doors need to be dealt with and also for the installer to ensure their customers system is always functioning correctly.


4.   Time & Attendance Report

30% of access control systems are purchased due to a need for staff time and attendance. Our time and attendance report allows you to export an excel spreadsheet with staff names, daily hours and totalled weekly hours.

The report allows you to use the First In and Last Out entry and exit through the front door to ensure an accurate, clear log of staff hours.


5.   Site Maps

Site Maps provide the user with a graphical interface of the doors mapped around their premises. A user can lock, unlock, pass or normalise a door from the Site Map.


In addition you can easily see activity or alerts occurring at each door.


6.   Card Editor

The Card Editor Module allows a user to design and print their own ID badges. This simple yet powerful module allows a user to create professional, corporate and impressive ID badges for their company without having to incur the cost of graphic designers or card printing bureaus.


7.   Counting Areas

The Counting Areas feature allows you to set a limit for the number of users in an area at any time. When this limit is reached the system can then trigger an effect such as to deny any further access to this area or trigger an output.


Counting Areas are often used in company car parks, employees present their fob to a reader. If the car park has available spaces the barrier will open. If the car park is full it will deny access to the employee and could trigger an electronic car park display to read FULL.