ACT release ACTpro Enterprise Access Control Solution

Published by Eilish Minihane on Monday, January 28, 2013

Access Control Technology has released their latest access control software application, ACTpro Enterprise, for use with the ACTpro range of door controllers and card readers. Enterprise is a role based platform designed and built to meet the requirements of increasingly complex access control solutions where regular traffic places heavy demands on software.

ACTpro Enterprise delivers 3 modules with the functionality based on the role of the user. 

ACT Install
Used by the installer to set up the controllers, readers and user profiles.

ACT Monitor
For the security guard to view and manage alarm events.

ACT Manage
Used by system administrators to facilitate the many database changes required on a day to day basis in busy environments.

Alan McDonald of At Risk Security has installed ACTpro Enterprise in St James’s Hospital, Dublin and he has confirmed the benefits of this role based approach. 

“Limiting functionality within the modules eliminates accidental changes to the system set-up and configuration and dramatically reduces the number of unnecessary service calls to the site.”

The user interface for ACTpro Enterprise has been designed to provide a web browser experience making it easy for administrators to learn and navigate the system.
Alan Buckley, Manager of Security / Portering & Allied Services in St. James’s Hospital has experienced a reduction in user training costs for the hospital since the installation of ACTpro Enterprise.
“The software is intuitive and offers a browsing experience with an emphasis on hyperlinks, drill downs and a back button. It is ideal for meeting the growing demands of the hospital where increased traffic place a heavy emphasis on a reliable and scaleable access control software application.”

ACTpro Enterprise works seamlessly with the ACTpro range of door controllers and readers. This scalable card access control solution will meet the requirements of any size enterprise and its advocates include the Royal College of Surgeons, London, University of Gdansk, Poland and St. James’s Hospital, Dublin.