ACT shines at Diamond Hanger, Stansted

Published by Jean-Paul Frenett on Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Project

The Diamond Hanger, which is the largest at Stansted, was recently acquired by a new owner to provide aircraft serving and VIP flight connections to worldwide destinations. With clients such as Thompson and Monarch airlines, the company's technicians already service many private jets.



The Challenge

ICTS installers were asked to secure the hangar, especially with regard to the division of land-side and air-side, also ensuring no one enter the hangar whilst the main doors are open. The hangar has two main areas, a set of offices and the main aircraft hangar, with four large doors 40m tall and 40m wide.




Using the ACTpro range, the offices were easily secured, but the main challenge the Diamond Hangar presented was securing the main hangar doors. With doors over 40m wide and 40m tall, cabling to these is not possible. ACT worked with ICTS to devise a solution using microwave transmitters and recievers to talk to ACTpro 4000's on each hangar door. The solution has proved to work in all conditions, with the doors open or closed, and if the receivers are blocked by an aircraft tail, the ACTpro 4000 stores the entire access credentials database, and continues to function normally. 



The VIP Entrance

The main entrance to the complex will use a dual height post with 2 ACTentry V-IP panels, and a barrier controlled by an ACTpro 4000. The software is installed on multiple PC's around the site, and this will work as a substitute for manned guards in the daytime hours.



Flexible, Secure, Office Space

With much of the office space being sub-let, the access solutions will have to be flexible, and easy to maintain and install. ICTS sees the ACTpro eLock as the perfect solution for this, because of it's easy to install, low-maintenance operation and long-range wireless capability, with each ACTpro eLock automatically connecting the nearest ACTpro eLock hub.



Integrated Sofware

ACTenterprise is already in operation onsite, and will be connected to IP video and ID badge systems to form the centre of the Diamond Hangar's security solution.



Installer: ICTS

Contact person: Martin Gould


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7874 7576


End-User: Diamond Hangar, Stansted