ACT365 - Integrated Security Anytime, Anywhere

Published by James McAlister on Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Boldly going where no security product has gone before.


ACT have launched their latest cloud based product ‘ACT365’ in a very unique way.


The challenge was to convey the major benefits of ACT365 in a simple yet interesting and fun way. ACT365 is a cloud based integrated access control and video management solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a web browser or the ACT365 Smart Phone App. ACT365 suits applications that require remote access, need to manage multiple sites across the country or even the planet and of course those sites that demand a cloud based security solution. So, what better way to launch ACT365, than by launching it into space?


David Moran, Marketing Director of ACT, said: “ACT365 provides our installers with benefit of remote diagnostics and servicing, the end user benefits through remote management and monitoring of their security system. We thought we would send it somewhere pretty remote and really show it to the world. It’s a cloud product of course but ACT always likes to go one level higher so we’ve sent it up 34 kilometres into the upper atmosphere!”


He continued: “ACT is celebrating its twenty-first year in 2016, so it’s important to us to launch a product that represents the future of the security industry. Cloud based, integrated solutions with native mobile apps are all technology trends that are here to stay, and we believe we have brought this technology to new levels with ACT365.”


An ACT reader and a mini-dome camera mounted to a board were launched from a site in Sheffield tethered to a weather balloon, which travelled 34km up and drifted for approx. 50 miles. It eventually landed 5 hours later in a Champion Show Jumper’s back garden near Leicester who kindly allowed us to retrieve it.


The footage will show you the board from launch to reaching its peak altitude, if you look carefully you can see ice build-up inside the mini dome camera with the weather balloon clearly reflected in the glass. An amazing scene unfolds on the ascent with the curvature of the earth with its thin blue atmosphere clearly visible above a carpet of cloud across the Earth. This comes to an end with the balloon exploding and the payload free falling back towards earth before the parachute is fully deployed.


See launch video here:



ACT365 – The Benefits


ACT365 gives users simple but powerful management of CCTV and control of access points from a single unified platform. The software allows the operator to not only view their site but also activate cameras and analyse door status remotely either from a web browser or ACT’s own App.


ACT365 moves access control and video monitoring away from investment in capital equipment and personnel to a remote, automated alternative. It is ideal for remote sites such as water or telecoms towers, property management companies, small businesses with limited IT resource and of course any businesses with multiple sites such as gyms, retail or restaurant franchises.


Use of the cameras need not be incident-driven only and the system accommodates customers wanting to check on their site routinely for peace of mind. Gate automation can be integrated with door access control for an additional layer of security.


Installers and estate managers responsible for groups of premises can use the software to manage hundreds of individual sites. Benefits extend beyond the absence of on-site NVRs and computer equipment. ACT365 allows small offices to focus on their core operations and eliminates a host of distracting overheads and technical concerns such as firewalls, router settings, firmware upgrades, patches and data back-up.


Users have the assurance of authenticated connections and robust encryption from ACT’s chosen Cloud service, Microsoft Azure. They can also control what information they wish to share with their installer, allowing unrestricted access to all video streams or simply flagging up status diagnostics.


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