ACT's New 'Rapid Return Policy'

Published by James McAlister on Thursday, February 04, 2016

New RAPID Returns Policy in place from 1st February 2016 ACT manufactured items returned within the warranty period will be replaced with a new one.

ACT’s warranty period is 5 years for all items except the ACTpro elock range which is 2 years.

This policy does NOT apply to the Viquest range which has a 3 year warranty and is subject to our standard terms and conditions.


Sounds great, so how does it work?

1. Installer contacts ACT’s Tech Support team on +353 1 4662570 or +44 161 2369488  

2. Tech Support will issue an RMA to the Installer. Installer identifies which distributor he will return it to. (Product must be Faulty and within Warranty)

3. Installer brings the item and RMA number to distributor.

4. If the installer hasn’t got RMA number the distributor can contact ACT to get one.  

5. Distributor issues a replacement item or a credit to the installer immediately.

(Note: Individual distributors may follow their own returns policy so please contact your distributor for details)

6. Distributor sends item back to ACT  

7. ACT issue replacement item or credit to the distributor.  


Good Faith Agreement

The above policy operates on the basis of good faith. If the level of returns from any individual installer or distributor is deemed exceptional we will call you and make a discretionary decision based on the circumstances. The distributor should ensure that the product has not been subject to vandalism or damage due to an act of god. In this event the distributor should advise the installer that a credit note or replacement will not be issued. ACT reserve the right to revert back to our standard terms and conditions. These state that we will repair or replace any goods with manufacturing faults within the warranty period.