Credit Union has gone wireless with the ACTpro eLock and DC Security

Published by James McAlister on Monday, November 30, 2015

DC Security is a security installer based in Galway. While attending an ACT trade show in early 2015, Colm Daly, owner of DC Security, was impressed with the ACTpro eLock range. He identified the wireless lock system as a product he could sell effectively to clients in the Mayo area. Dedicated training from the ACT team on the eLock system gave DC Security the confidence to bring the system to its clients, starting with the Claremorris Credit Union, which was in the process of upgrading its access control hardware.


Expert training gives DC Security confidence

“The ACT team were hugely helpful in helping us to become familiar with the eLock system. They came down to our offices and gave us training on the system. They showed us how to install the locks and how to use the software,” explains Colm “The comprehensive training meant we were very confident selling this system to Claremorris Credit Union.” 


DC Security installed the ACTpro eLock system on six doors at the Claremorris Credit Union, replacing a magnetic lock system. The eLocks, which can be fitted to any door, were quick and easy to install with minimum disruption to the client. “We had the system installed at Claremorris Credit Union in less than half a day. This compares to wired system, which could take up to two days to install,” says Colm.


Unlike traditional wired solutions, which typically come with a controller, power supply, mag locks, break lock unit, door reader and associated cables, the ACTpro eLock solution comes with just the eLock hub and the eLock itself. The eLock communicates with the hub, which in turn communicates all data to ACTenterprise, the eLock software, where clients can monitor and control door access.  


Importantly for Colm, ACT were on site to help DC Security explain the software and the associated interface to the client. “The team from ACT showed the client how to use every feature of the eLock software, including a clocking-in function, which the credit union will make use of,” he explains.


Responsive support offers DC Security added reassurance


Colm has also been impressed by ACT’s responsiveness. “We know the guys at ACT are at the end of the phone if we need them. If we have any issues or question about the software they are more than happy to help. Having that level of customer support available to us is important. It means we can offer the same quality of support to our clients, and in such a competitive market, that makes a difference. Having the support of ACT behind us gives us that added reassurance that we can bring this system to other clients, and we have several new sites on the cards in the near future.”


What did ACT do for DC Security?

·      Provide advanced wireless ACTpro eLock access control system

·      Delivered comprehensive training on the system to the DC Security team

·      Presented eLock software training to DC Security’s client

·      On-going system support and troubleshooting


Benefits for DC Security at a glance

  •     Advanced, wireless eLock system gives them competitive edge in a crowded market  
  •     eLock system is easy-to-install, minimum disruption to client  
  •     ACT software packed full of features, providing different levels of control and management
  •     Comprehensive training gives DC Security complete overview of the eLock system and confidence to sell it effectively
  •     On-site client training ensures DC Security client thoroughly understands the system and its capabilities
  •     Highly responsive support from ACT gives DC Security peace of mind