Hyper-U system study published in 1st Security News

Published by Jean-Paul Frenett on Monday, May 20, 2013

1st Security news have published an article on May 17th about an ACT system in France. The system was installed by 2ACOM for Hyper-U. Hyper-U already had ACT equipment installed, and because of their growing needs, Hyper-U again called on ACT to supply their access control. The Hyper-U system covers 60 doors on a site over 20,000 square metres. 

"French retail chain Hyper U is using an access control solution from ACT at one of its largest stores, a 20,000-square-metre property with 200 full-time personnel at the western town of Savenay in the Loire Estuary."

The full article can be found here

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