New Partnership with FlexTime Limited

Published by James McAlister on Tuesday, January 05, 2016

ACT are delighted to announce a new partnership with FlexTime Limited. FlexTime provide web and mobile based solutions for flexible working, time & attendance and staff scheduling. FlexTime have over 400 customers with more than 5,000 implementations and 200,000 users in Ireland, the UK and The Netherlands.

FlexTime’s flagship product VisionTime has been integrated with ACTenterprise, our role based access control software. FlexTime and ACT’s R&D departments have worked closely together to ensure a tight integration between the two software platforms.

This integration will allow ACT installers to offer their customers a complete time and attendance package allowing them to track:

  • Employee Working Hours
  • Employee Absenteeism
  • Annual Leave
  • Employee Rostering and Shift Work

The benefits for the end user of using the ACT/VisionTime Integration is as follows:

  • Use ONE Card/Fob for Access Control and Time & Attendance
  • Maintain ONE Database of Employees
  • Utilise existing ACT Hardware as clocking machines
  • Minimise Staff Training on how to clock in

“We see this is as a great opportunity to offer our customers more choice and best in class solutions for both access control and time and attendance. We view this as a long term partnership and we look forward to working closely with FlexTime to deliver excellent solutions for our customer base.” – David Tymlin, Managing Director, ACT

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