New Products - ACTpro 1520 and 120

Published by Eilish Minihane on Saturday, December 01, 2012

On 20 August 2012, ACT launched two new products - the ACTpro 1520 and ACTpro 120.

ACT have added a built-in12Volt DC 2A power supply option to the ACTpro 1500 controller and the ACTpro 100e door-station

The ACTpro 1520 controller and ACTpro 120 are powered from the 12Volt supply and are prewired for tamper monitoring and mains-present monitoring.

The ACTpro 1520 and ACTpro 120 products will save installation time with just a single metal enclosure to install.

Both products include the ACT 5 year warranty.

The power supply outputs the full 12Volt DC 2A and has an additional 0.5A for battery charging. The power supply status is displayed on the front cover with LEDs and can be monitored directly using the integrated webserver in the ACTpro 1500 or the ACT software which displays the actual voltage output.

The supply voltage can be monitored on the web server in the ACTpro 1500 controller or from the ACTWin software.

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