Should 'Security Lockdown' now become a priority for your customers?

Published by James McAlister on Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ongoing terrorist attacks and mass shootings have caused security managers to rethink how they utilise access control. How best to protect building occupants? How can we minimise damage in the event of an attack?

ACT have released a security lockdown feature which is being rolled out across many education facilities.

Security Lockdown operates as follows:

  • Install designated Security Lockdown readers in appropriate locations.

  • Present a lockdown card to these readers to trigger the security lockdown.

  • All predetermined doors will lockdown immediately - hindering the attackers progress.

  • The doors will only open if a “bypass” card is presented to the door (to be used by security personnel).

  • The doors will remain secure even if a valid card is presented.

  • The only way to get through the door is to have a pre-programmed bypass card or if somebody on the secure side of the door activates the green break glass unit.

    We recommend you discuss with your customers if 'Security Lockdown' is a priority.