Why should you install an ACTentry A5 audio door intercom solution?

Published by Eilish Minihane on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Audio door entry systems, once the preserve of large establishments, are making an ever greater impact on the community. Their entry to the domestic market has been received positively as reflected by their increasing popularity among homeowners.


ACTentry A5 intercom making answeing the door more convenient and safeThe main driving force behind this demand is the need for greater security. Even the humblest of homes and its occupants can fall victim to callers intent on causing harm. Door and gate entry is a critical factor in managing the entry / exit point to a home or office. The ACTentry A5 audio door entry solution was conceived and designed exactly to provide a solution that offers increased security and convenience.


Along with increased security, an expertly designed system such as the ACTentry A5 audio door entry system will provide extra convenience. This is especially true in the case of infirm or housebound lone occupants. Trusted callers can gain access simply by entering a pin number on the keypad, installed at the door or gate. Unknown callers state their business over the intercom thereby enabling the homeowner to qualify if the caller should be authorised to gain entry or denied.


Homeowners, no less than large security-conscious establishments, need to know that a system concerned with security can be trusted to perform flawlessly.
ACTentry A5 systems use cutting-edge technology, and are expertly designed and constructed with built in durability. It is designed and manufactured for external use and carries an IP 65 rating which means it is completely weather resistant.

Door entry systems are fast becoming an integral part of house design and, increasingly, are seen as a necessity by security conscious homeowners. As a homeowner, your investment in the ACTentry A5 system will provide you with added security, added convenience and peace of mind.