Airports & Transportation

Access Control in Airports

Airports make heavy demands on access control systems

  • Higher Security due to Terrorist and extremist threats
  • Large geographic area with many access points
  • Hierarchy of sensitive areas - multiple levels of access permissions
  • Active Policing Area - smuggling and theft
  • Need to record who is present in key locations - for security and safe evacuation
  • Multiple Security and Policing Authorities
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments

ACT solutions for the transport sector

  • Highest Level of Access Control security - DESFire EV1
  • Live monitoring of events at thousands of doors
  • Linked to Video Management Systems - Truly integrated control room
  • Efficient monitoring - trigger camera recording when door is opened
  • Integrated Devices such as elevators
  • Full compatible with Advanced Biometrics
  • Door interlock functionality - only one of two doors can be open at any one time

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